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We offer you the freedom to use your distinct talents in a collaborative and cooperative environment. Our decision-making processes are a space for discourse and reflection. We thrive on trust, openness, and accessibility. Whether you are starting out in your career or looking to expand your expertise, we know that inclusion creates more capable individuals and stronger teams. TALOS will take pride in both your individual achievements and your successes within our company. You can expect to be treated not just as the highly skilled professional that you are, but also as an individual — with your own unique place in the TALOS community.
The key to good management consulting is not knowing all the answers; it is knowing your clients. That is why we build strong relationships, working professionally and inclusively to ensure our clients stay ahead of the game. We act both as a creative influence and a trusted ally, translating our knowledge and expertise into sustainable solutions. We cut through complexity with our belief in a ‘hands-on’ approach. And that is how we facilitate steady growth and advancement.
Constant travel, extensive working hours – and high attrition rates – have always been a defining characteristic of consulting. We believe in building long-term relationships both with our clients and our consultants. For a sustainable company success, long-term employment is key. We aim to engage our consultants on client assignments which are geographically located close to their respective contractual office. This ambition builds upon our conviction that certain stereotypes of consulting are antiquated. Compared to other consulting companies, we commit to minimum travel and a sustainable balance between professional and private life. This is our offer to you.
Your skills and personality are at the heart of what we offer our clients. That is why we focus on continually broadening your expertise and deepening your knowledge at every stage of your career; both professionally and personally. Through dedicated senior coaching, training, and mentoring we support you in achieving your goals at TALOS. Moreover, we will give you the chance to shape and contribute your ideas; offering you a part in the firm’s development, within a flourishing entrepreneurial environment.
We want you to be you. After all, it takes integrity and directness to deliver real results for real business challenges. Management consulting is a complex job. We understand that getting to the core of what our clients need means working on challenges in a jargon-free, natural way. We condense intricate strategies into manageable solutions. That enables us to approach our work with a straightforward attitude, and get things done.

Who are we looking for?

We are always on the lookout for new colleagues

who share our vision of professionalism and personality:

Who are we looking for?
We are always on the lookout for new colleagues who share our vision of professionalism and personality:

Career & Development

The TALOS career path supports your personal development

based on your capabilities and initiative.

Each career step comes along with specific performance requirements and levels of responsibility. We're supporting you to grow along with the increasing expectations through various initiatives such as our coaching program, on- and off-the-job trainings and a regular feedback process.

This way you are able to gain a true and fair perspective on where you stand and how to advance to the next level. The shown cycle time per career level gives you an idea of the average time and may vary in both directions.


You are looking for a steep learning curve, a personal development in a supporting yet demanding environment plus the opportunity to grow fast personally? In case you furthermore look for the entrepreneurial environment of a dynamically growing consulting company, you are right at TALOS.

(Senior) Analysts


You have several years of working experience and strive to apply your ideas and skills in an open and dynamic environment? Welcome to TALOS! We look forward to discussing your opportunities within our company.

(Senior) Consultants
(Senior) Managers




We look forward to getting to know you! Please send your application including all relevant supporting documents in PDF format to


We will screen your application carefully and get in touch with you as soon as possible.
If we believe you match our values in terms of both professionalism and personality, we will contact you by telephone for an initial talk and to prepare your possible visit to our Zurich office.
Here, we would like to get to know you better and give you the opportunity to find out more about us as well.
You will have the chance to do so in several case interviews with our consultants. You will also get an impression of our daily business by conducting mathematical and MS-Office tasks.
But most importantly, it will be a day to find out more about you in all of your facets.
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We believe in building strong relationships — and want to start off on the right foot with you. Let’s discuss your new job at TALOS.